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My recent talks

My presentations for the PhD seminar series at ETH Zurich

1- Introduction to Data_Driven Modeling 20160919

2- Determinism And Probability Theory

3- From Probability to Statistics

4- Kernel Density Estimation and Least Squares Method

5- PCA and Sparse Coding

6- Clustering: Kmeans and DBSCAN_

7- Self Organizing Maps

8- Markov Chains and Dynamical Systems

9- Markov Chains and Relational Representation in Text Modeling

10- AutoEncoders

11- Introduction to Coding as Literacy 20170228

12- Ensemble Models

13- Data Driven Modeling in Practice: Real Estate Market

14- Introduction to Representation Learning: Fourier Analysis

15- From Fourier Analysis to Convolutional Neural Nets

16- Introduction to Recurrent Neural Nets

17- Recurrent Neural Nets and Dynamical Systems

18- Introduction to Reinforcement Learning